Ministry to Asylum Seekers

Hosting Immigrants

Starting January 2019, El Paso First Church of the Nazarene, is preparing to host groups of immigrants who are legally seeking asylum and have come to the border, asked for asylum, and have been detained by ICE (US Immigration & Customs Enforcement). The plan is to host groups for a couple days, twice a month, after they are processed and released to us by ICE, on their way to reconnect with their US based family as they await their immigration court date. To engage in this Compassionate Ministry, there are many items that we still need. Some items are needed on an ongoing basis and some are required immediately to help us get started. Please take a look at the list below and see if there is any way you can help. We will be updating the list as our needs change and as we grow in this ministry. If you would prefer to make a financial donation, you can make a donation to the “New Mexico District, Church of the Nazarene” (3101 Mesa Verde St Roswell, NM 88201), with “El Paso First – Asylum Ministry” in the memo line.

If you would like to send a shipment, please send it to: Nazarene Border Initiative, 7737 Wenda Drive, El Paso, TX 79915.

If you would like to make purchases online, here is an Amazon Wish List that has many of the items we are needing:

Peace & thank you for your partnership in this important “ministry to others”.
Pastor Alex Torres

Food Items

60 Fresh Apples
60 Fresh Pears
60 Fresh Oranges
10 Yellow Onions
150 Tortillas
150 Granola Bars
2 Watermelons
200x Bottled Water
120 Capri Sun Pouches
4 loaves of Natures Own Whole Grain Bread
10 lbs Hamburger Meat
60 Frozen Chicken Breasts
90 Oz Margarine
3 Gallons Tomato sauce – (9x 45oz jars)
Baby food
Cereal – including Honey Nut Cheerios
Peanut Butter

Other Items

Travel size hand sanitizer
Travel size shampoo and conditioner
Travel size hand lotion
Ziplock Sandwich Bags
32 Gallon large outdoor trash cans
Bath towels
Shower floor towel mats (the hotel style bath mat towels)
Diapers – newborn and up
Baby Wipes (Sensitive)
Clothes hangers
Drawstring backpacks
Dish soap
Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner
Plastic Forks and Spoons
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Trash bags for large outdoor cans
NEW Shoelaces
NEW Hair ties

Clothing & Shoes

Clothes, new, or very lightly used, clean; no shorts or dress clothes. Undergarments must be new. For a more detailed list of clothing sizes we are needing, please email Andrew

(Infant, Toddler, Child & Teenager)
Shirts – all sizes
Pants – all sizes
Leggings (for girls) – all sizes
Sweatshirts/sweaters – all sizes
Jackets – all sizes
NEW Socks & Underwear – all sizes
Shoes – all sizes

(No XL sizes and more smaller sizes please)
Shirts – small, medium, large
Pants -small, medium, large
Sweatshirts/sweaters -small, medium, large
Jackets – small, medium, large
NEW Socks & Underwear – all sizes
NEW Bras – smaller sizes please
Shoes – most sizes (max size 10)

Contact / Location

Contact info

(915) 565-4649
2520 Silver Avenue, El Paso, TX

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